About CPGjobs

CPGjobs is the only Consumer Products industry network that brings together the best talent by connecting people and companies at a personal level.

We are continuously developing new tools that help people find consumer packaged goods jobs and help employers find talented professionals.

Visit us at CPGjobs.com to see the latest ways you can meet and connect with employers and professionals in CPG, including:

  • Job Listings
  • Networking Groups
  • Referrals & Recommendations
  • Career Coaching
  • Virtual Career Fairs
  • Recruiting
  • Data Mining
  • Employer Branding

Follow us here to receive all the latest news on careers and job listings in CPG and join our community through:

LinkedIn for Job Seekers: http://linkd.in/cpg_people
LinkedIn for HR Professionals: http://linkd.in/cpgrecruiters

CPGjobs is leading the conversation on consumer packaged goods jobs and industry news with thousands of professionals.

We also operate the most popular job board for CPG industry-specific positions – from sales and marketing to packaging, category management, manufacturing, operations, finance and more.

We’re Different …

Every position on the CPGjobs Board is personally checked by hand – we advertise ONLY  consumer packaged goods jobs that are REAL and active, and no job listings are older than 30 days.

Our close relationships with our employers enable us to make personal introductions for job seekers with exceptional CPG backgrounds directly to our clients – a terrific way for our registered job seekers to be seen first by hiring managers and Human Resources.

Need social networking recruiting services? CPGjobs actively recruits job seekers through our popular LinkedIn Group, CPGPeople and through the most active job search Twitter hashtags on our clients’ behalf.

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