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Pathfinding Your Way to The Next Career Step

Pathfinding can be difficult. In fact, back in September, big picture thinker Seth Godin posted a blog about finding your way to the next path.  I saved the post, mulling it over because it has a lot of implications and relevancy for job seekers. For many people in the workplace, pathfinding means finding a new Read More

Degrees of Experience: The Upside of Non-Grads

Not long ago, ads for sales and marketing executives used to ask for a college degree “or equivalent experience.” No longer. Today, bachelor’s degrees are a minimum requirement for almost any sales or management job, and advanced degrees are increasingly demanded for even mid-level positions. But few hiring authorities or HR professionals stop to ask themselves if this trend Read More

Job Loss: Warning Signs For When The Writing Is On The Wall

Recently, I have had a spate of resume clients who have come to me because they are getting bad vibes from their employer. If you have ever been in this position, you know this feeling all too well. Some people can’t quite explain it, but it’s a sense of unease, intuitive feeling that something is Read More

Successful People: Their Top 2 Career Secrets

There are a lot of formulas out there that point towards how to plan and execute a successful career. But if you talk to people who have been able to achieve career advancement and increase their earnings, there are two career secrets that successful people know that help them get ahead. Remember these tips, and Read More

Exiting a Job… with Class

As most people know, your career reputation follows you everywhere. How you conduct yourself on and off the job matters, but one area that is especially tricky is when you are leaving the company. Whether you are moving on to your dream job, or if you suddenly got handed a pink slip, you need to Read More

What Employers Are Really Thinking About

Want to know what employers are really thinking about? I’ll tell you. Job seekers oftentimes get so focused on the smaller details of applying for jobs that they tend to lose sight of the one thing that employers are really thinking about and looking for in a candidate. When reviewing job descriptions, the person looking Read More

Sometimes You Need a Strategy Before You Go Up

The ongoing path of our careers is never a straight line. Based on opportunities and business conditions we end up zigzagging our way from one position to another. Sometimes we even take a step back, which may or may not be in our control. Nevertheless, there are times when we must make a decision to Read More

5 Leadership Qualities You Can Develop to Help You Get Promoted

Regardless of what we call it – Leadership – Managing – Being in charge – Supervising – the fact is when we assemble more than 1 person, there is someone who is leading the effort. For many of us, that is the goal we pursue. For some of us it simply happens whether it’s a Read More

Don’t Achieve the “Peter Principle” in Your Career

The Peter Principle. It’s a real thing. Don’t know what it is? Basically, it is the concept that people get promoted to the highest level of their own incompetence. In simple terms, you could be the top sales person who gets promoted to director of sales as a reward… because you are doing so awesome Read More

What You Read Shapes Your Career

Like many people, I am ashamed to admit that I have become a “skimmer,” which is a far cry from the voracious reader that I used to be in earlier years. In fact, as a kid, it was more common than not that I would be in the middle of a 500-page book. (Color me Read More

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