Find A Job In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Build Your Profile

Your profile tells potential employers all about you.  The more information you supply, the more accurately we will be able to match you with the job postings that are perfect for you

Step 2

Review Your Matches

Our system does all the work for you!  Using our state-of-the-art matching technology, we will give you the postings that correspond with your profile.  We will even tell you how closely you fit what the employer is looking for!

Step 3

Find Your Next Opportunity

You apply for your matched positions with just a few clicks.  That’s it!  We’ll even notify you just as soon as ideal positions come onto our board.  All you have to do is keep your profile accurate and updated, we’ll do the rest.

What Else Can I Do?


CPGjobs hosts significant networking opportunities with industry professionals and companies.

Personal Help

When you are part of the CPGjobs network, you’ve got real-live people available to help you.  Yes, we really do pick up the phone when you call!

Industry Experts

When you work with CPGjobs, you work with people with inside knowledge and experience with the CPG industry.  And that’s important, when you want to stay in the CPG industry.

Advice & Referrals

CPGjobs has that “in” you need to get your application seen by the hiring authority.  If you find a job that’s just right for you, and we agree, we’ll make a referral to that company on your behalf.*

Why Use CPGjobs?

You’re In Control

When you create a profile on CPGjobs, you have complete control over who sees your personal information.

Focus On CPG

We exclusively serve the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. Employers look at resumes from CPGjobs first because they know we bring them top CPG talent. There’s no need to sort through thousands of irrelevant listings, you will only find CPG jobs.

Increase Your Exposure

Our employers actively search through our user database for their open positions. Provide complete profile and resume information to increase your chances of being actively recruited by employers.

Build Your Professional Network

As a registered member you gain full access to every CPGjobs and employer event. You also have access to the most successful professional networking groups on social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Search Only Real Jobs

Every job opening on our job board has been reviewed and confirmed by our team of specialists as an active listing. You will never find a false listing on our job board. Submit your resume and personal information with the confidence that it is safe and secure.

Work With Real People

We love hearing from our members and encourage you to contact us if you have a question or concern. When you call us you’ll talk to a real person who wants to help you succeed in your job search. Our offices are open Monday through Friday 7:30am – 5:00pm PST. Here is our number (626) 535-0143.

Need More Help Finding A Job?

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* Referrals available to CPGjobs Premium Candidates

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