10 Top Things that Make YOU a Bad Manager

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iStock_000006407588XSmallI contend that no one wakes up and thinks “how can I make life miserable for my employees”.  In fact, I think the bad manager really doesn’t give much thought to what or how they are conducting themselves.  With very little training or guidance, managers forge ahead in their role, mowing down employees as they go.  The day ends, they go home, life is good.

If you’re a manager, you probably want to spend some time figuring out if you are guilty of doing any of the following things that make you a bad manager.  Keep in mind, it only takes one of these things and if you are guilty of several, you probably have turnover – big time.

  1. Use your employees as a shield – In order to look good to the higher level, if you are not taking responsibility for actions in your group.  Rather you are pointing the finger at an employee.  To ensure you look even better, maybe you fire that person to demonstrate just how serious you are in your blaming.
  2. Hover like a helicopter – Because you don’t trust your employee or don’t know how to spend your day, you hover over your employees watching them work.  It comforts you and totally disrupts the employee.
  3. Feed your ego – Funny how quickly some people can get an over blown concept of themselves when they get the “manager” title.  You probably work hard to ensure everyone knows you’re in charge.  As you puff out your chest, you can be sure that alone will garner snickers behind your back.  You’re still the same person only more repulsive.
  4. Tells employees how to do their job – You might be a great technical person who knows how to do all the jobs your group does.  Unless you’re training a new employee, know one wants to be told “how” to do their job.  It comes across like you think the employee is an idiot.
  5. Poor communication – If you aren’t setting expectations, direction and giving feedback continuously, you need a department of psychics.  No one can read your mind.  Your job is to communicate on an ongoing basis.  You can’t over due communication.
  6. Yells – If you ever want someone to really hear and understand you, don’t yell.
  7. Clueless – Sometimes situations at work dictate that you take over a group/function you know absolutely nothing about.  You can’t hide nor can you pretend your way around this fact.  You need to train and learn if you are ever really going to lead this group.  It’s not a sign of weakness.  All people in new settings have a learning curve – even leaders.  Learn how things work or risk not just being a jerk but making a huge blunder.
  8. Can’t or won’t define a strategy or direction – Guess what?  Leaders, lead.  That means they have a direction or strategy to accomplish. Chances are high you aren’t going to be told what that is.  You have to define it and then muster the troops to get behind it.  Your business will also suffer without an ongoing strategy.
  9. No management training – Managing is not the same job as “doing”.  If you haven’t had any training or done much reading on the subject, chances are high you aren’t doing a good job at managing.
  10. No employee growth or nurturing – Employees are like plant-life.  If you nurture them, give them direction and tools to execute they will thrive.  If they are kept in the dark, not given room to learn and grow or given respect they will leave or die-at-their-desk.

Managing is a unique opportunity to learn new skills and to work with others at a different level.  If done right, it can be the best job in the world and employees will appreciate you and crave working for you.  Wouldn’t that be a great goal to have?

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