10 Ways Career Coaching Differs from Recruitment

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10 Ways Career Coaching Differs from RecruitmentSomeone once said that a recruitment candidate needs to be like a brand new car on a sale showroom floor – you know, the ones that get polished every day and are worth loads of money. Think of recruitment as a sales process and think of career coaching like the raw materials and the manufacturing process that takes a product to that showroom. Recruitment is about finished products and it is also about transactional relationships that take that product to a job.

1. Career coaches don’t have jobs to give you

 They are not agents for employers in the labour market. What career coaching is, is a process that equips an individual for work and for very specific jobs. Career coaches have the tools to enable an individual to get recruited.

2. Career coaches sell you to yourself

Recruiters trade in your labour at difference stages of your career whereas career coaches promote your potential. They promote that potential to you so that you are able to see your own abilities, your own talents and the opportunities that you can have.

3. Recruiters will have an on-off relationship with you

When you are looking for something new recruiters can be important to you but they’re not always in your life. A good career coach seeks to build a longer lasting relationship. They’ll stay in touch with you over a long period of time. At different stages of your career they could be helpful.

4. Recruiters see you as a commodity

Recruiters, because they are making a transaction in which they sell job candidates to their clients, will see a candidate as a commodity. They will not agree with this view but their process is to see individuals as commodities that are traded by those agents into the workplace.

5. Coaches see you as a unique individual

Coaches come into a coaching relationship knowing the uniqueness of the individual they’re working with. They have a deep curiosity and interest in understanding a individual’s uniqueness and where it could go.

6. Recruitment is about high-volume turnover

Recruiting tends to be done in much the same way as mass production, with commercial success in mind. It is a structured, strong process in which employer organizations push their whole business through a cycle of research, analysis, interviewing and so on to find the right candidate through a recruiter or head-hunter.

7. Career coaching is about what the individual wants

Career coaching is done very individualistically, with the satisfaction and fulfilment of the individual client in mind. The coach is on the lookout for employment opportunities that absolutely suits the needs of their client. Recruitment will deal with many of those needs but not necessarily all of them.

8. Career coaches encourage career changers

A recruiter will most likely try to sell you to an employer based on the skills and experiences you already have. Therefore they will encourage you to go for the same kind of jobs you’ve always done. Career coaches will be open to you actually changing careers completely and have the tools to help you successfully navigate such a major transition.

9. Career coaches let you keep control

One reason why it can be hard to get a job through a recruitment agency is that a lot of us don’t realize we still need to take responsibility for our job search even after we’ve enlisted the help of recruiters. With career coaches it’s much easier to take control as they’ll encourage you to do so.

10. You get to choose your career coach

If you sign up to a recruitment agency, you most probably will be assigned to a particular agent without having any say in it. If you want to work with a career coach, you can do some research on who the best coach on the market right now would be for you. If you decide to find a coach through a high quality careers consultancy, it will most likely have a choice of qualified, experienced career coaches for you to choose from. After getting to know you, the consultancy will be able to advise you on which of its coaches would best suit your needs without actually making the decision for you.

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