10 Ways Not to Let Redundancy Knock Your Confidence

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10 Ways Not to Let Redundancy Knock Your Confidence If you’ve been made redundant, it can be a very challenging time. It can knock your confidence and it can be hard to get back on your feet. We know what it takes to move past redundancy and to get yourself back into the job market and so we’ve put together these tips to help you move forwards. We’ve also put together an eBook: Re-Launching Your Career After Redundancy, which is a step-by-step easy to read guide to make sure you recover quickly.

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  1. Remember that this isn’t about you. When bad or surprising things happen, you tend to go “What have I done to deserve this?” The answer is probably nothing; if you’re made redundant, it is not meant as a personal slight against you.
  2. Most times it’s actually about your employer organization’s need to change and those changes can be to do with loads of different things including restructuring, a merger, a change in leadership or management, a cost-cutting exercise, a shrinking sector or industry or an economic downturn that’s impacting upon the business.
  3. Most of those things above are not in our control. They’re to do with anything from government regulations to commercial situations. Things like that are beyond your control. There’s therefore no point wondering what you could have done to avoid getting laid off or feeling like you’ve let yourself or anybody else down.
  4. Seek to be positive. You can feel really low about what has happened but you cannot afford to be low about what is going to happen.
  5. Make sure you leave the organization well. Leave good relationships behind you as this will put you in the right frame of mind for what’s ahead and will also allow you to avoid the pitfalls associated with burning your bridges.
  6. View the opportunities ahead of you. Although we’re currently feeling horrible about being laid off, we might be we grateful later on down the line that this redundancy has created a chance for us to make a change that wasn’t predicted.
  7. Once we are released from the particular world that we were in, it can help us to see things far more clearly in terms of what we want our life to be.
  8. Take advantage of the opportunity for recalibration. Now is the ideal time to align what it is you want to do with the person you’ve become over the course of your career so far.
  9. Think about what this situation means for you in terms of learning new things. Explore ways in which you can enlarge your learning and development, nourishing yourself as a professional.
  10. Think about how you’re going to now get fit for this new chapter in your work life. Consider what getting fit in this context means. What skills, attitudes and behaviours do you need to cultivate in order to embrace the new path of your choice?

By Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition (www.positionignition.com) and the Career Ignition Club (www.careerignitionclub.com), the UK’s leading career change and career development company and platform. He is also the author of 125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips (http://www.positionignition.com/100-linkedin-job-search-tips). Follow him @PosIgnition for more help with your career challenges.

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