10 Ways to Break Career Stagnation

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10 Ways to Break Career StagnationDo you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or in a job that isn’t going anywhere? Maybe you feel like your job isn’t right for you. This is actually quite a common feeling and it’s something that we come across daily. We’ve put together these top 10 ways to break career stagnation in order to help you move past this stage in your career.

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Analyse where you’re at with your career and how you feel about it. If you find yourself thinking, “Why am I here, doing what I’m doing when this clearly doesn’t suit me? My relationship with this job is purely a means to an end. This is not what I thought I wanted for my career” then you know it could be a good time to start making changes.

Be Open to Questioning

Ask yourself, “How did I actually get here? How have I arrived into this place and how did I fall into this period of stagnation? Why did I let that happen? What could I have done to stop it happening? What can I do to get out of it?”

Give Yourself Credit

As the International Coach Federation puts it, every individual is resourceful, creative and whole. I need to accept that this applies to me. 

Allow Yourself to Shine

Once I accept I’m resourceful, creative and completely whole, what can I do about exploring my strengths and picking out those things that really shine? We all have our moments; we’re all differently coloured diamonds. Some of us still need quite a lot of work to shine ourselves.

Make an End Before Making a Start

In order to fully move on, we need a clean break before making a new beginning. Don’t hold yourself back with thoughts about the last stage of your career but instead get ready to move on emotionally and mentally to your next challenge.

Put Your Curiosity Switch On

Make the effort to find somebody or something in your work that you’re intrigued by and interested in. This can encourage you to take more of an active interest in other areas of your career.

Lift Up Your Eyes

When you’re stagnant, you’re looking at your feet. You cannot lift your eye-line up to see what’s going on around you. Consciously decide to take more notice of what’s going on and you might spot opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Reach Out

When you’re in a period of stagnation, it can be hard to get perspective on what’s going on. You tend to think very much within yourself. Connecting with someone such as a mentor, career coach or someone else you trust can help you to work out what’s going on and to come up with some fresh views and ideas by talking it through with that individual.

Think About the Future

Make a move towards understanding what the future looks like for you. The trick is working out how to bring the future into the here and now and how to plan for it.

Look at the Next Step

As well as looking at the long term future, consider what you want the very next step in your career to be. What do you do next to make that next step happen?

By Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition (www.positionignition.com) and the Career Ignition Club (www.careerignitionclub.com), the UK’s leading career change and career development company and platform. He is also the author of 125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips (http://www.positionignition.com/100-linkedin-job-search-tips). Follow him @PosIgnition for more help with your career challenges.

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