3 Job Search Lessons from the Garden

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Kathy Keshemberg, NCRW, CCMC


3 Job Search Lessons from the GardenGreetings … and Happy April!

Here in Wisconsin, we’re back to “normal” spring temps after our taste of early summer a few weeks ago. My greatest joy lately has been walking around my flower gardens and seeing my perennials popping out of the soil. But, the return to colder temps has stalled the progress in my garden, and while noticing that, it reminded me of my job search clients. How many of you have been involved in a search where one week you have so much activity you can’t keep up, and then the next week nothing? My garden provides three lessons that can be adopted for job search.

Consistency: Had temps remained consistently warm, my plants wouldn’t have stalled. Same is true with a job search. Even during those periods when you have several leads to follow up with, an interview scheduled, or are in discussions with a recruiter, remember to take time to schedule new networking meetings, make LinkedIn connections, or research companies on your list. Keep the momentum going!

Stay true to your vision: This morning I noticed that once again the Bee Balm has wandered into an area that isn’t exactly what I envisioned. Same thing can happen in a job search – have you learned of a hot lead that is on a slightly different path than you expected your career to follow?  It’s important to stay open to new possibilities, but remember to continually evaluate whether you are on course to reach your ultimate goals. Will this new direction meet your salary expectations?  Does this shift still align with your core values?  A different course can be positive, but be sure you are remaining within your overall career vision. I decided the Bee Balm is too tall for that part of my garden and will need to be shifted over a few feet. Stand back and look at your overall job search direction periodically to be sure you are on course.

Belief:  I know, regardless of the fluctuation in temperatures, my garden will be thriving by June. Same is true with your job search. While going through the process it’s easy to become discouraged when you learn you were the second choice for a job or you don’t receive a response to a request in the timeframe you expect. Continue to nurture your belief that the right job opportunity will happen.

While I have some concerns about my garden right now, just like your job search, given with the proper amount of care, hard work, and attention to details, it will flourish soon!


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