4 Essential LinkedIn Resources For Job Search

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4 Essential Job Search Tools For LinkedInAs the manager of CPGpeople, one of the most popular Professional Groups on LinkedIn, I constantly see folks underutilizing (and misunderstanding the use of) this vast career resource in their job search efforts. Luckily there are some wonderful resources available to help you make the most of this essential professional network and to unlock its riches.

Here are the 4 such resources I think are definitely worth checking out:

Getting the Fundamentals…and Beyond

It seems obvious, but one of the best ways to start educating yourself on the potential of this resource is at the LinkedIn Learning Center itself. Surprisingly, many of the people I talk to have never even checked this out. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn, need a brush-up, or want to take your presence to the next level, you’ll find explanations of  features, online webinars, and helpful user guides that will definitely increase your knowledge of this essential job search and networking tool. I think the video on using Groups effectively is particularly helpful. One word of caution; the company is interested in you upgrading to a Pro account, so keep that in mind as you view the materials. There is some debate about whether an upgrade is a necessity or simply a “nice to have.”

LinkedIn For Job Search

Whether you’re currently looking to change positions or not, I highly recommend Jason Alba’s practical book LinkedIn for Job Seekers. Better yet,  get the book/DVD combo. Alba is the founder and CEO of Jibber Jobber and is considered an expert on the subject of Internet Job Search. Here you will learn how to snap your profile to life and to leverage it to establish your personal brand online, step-by-step. Each feature in LinkedIn is thoroughly explained with an eye towards maximizing its usefulness in your job search.
Understanding The Potential

One of the best resources we’ve found is social media guru Neal Schaffer’s book, Understanding, Leveraging & Maximizing LinkedIn. Although this book was published in 2009, it still contains very relevant and useful information for job seekers covering fundamental networking concepts, creating your personal brand, developing your career objectives and then applying LinkedIn applications and Groups to those objectives…without upgrading to a premium account. Highly recommended.
The View From A Recruiter’s Perspective

“Hang on Penny,” you’re probably saying. “Why are you telling me about recruiting candidates on LinkedIn? I’m looking for a job.“

What I encourage people to do in their job search is to employ a fundamental marketing principal to better understand how to tailor their offering to their target customer. As a job seeker, your “target” is a hiring manager or recruiter. So it’s incredibly important to understand what your target is looking for and how they’re using this tool. To do this, take a look at the LinkedIn training material available for recruiters and employers. Get started by taking a look at this video by Leah Burdick. It gives you a very basic overview of how a typical recruiter uses LinkedIn to find prospects and customers. I think you’ll immediately see  the importance of your complete profile and the use of keywords to help you get found.

I hope you find these 4 resources helpful.

How about you? Have you found a particularly helpful resource for using LinkedIn? Let us know!

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