4 Ways To Kill Your Career Quickly

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4 Ways To Kill Your Career QuicklyMost people think of ways to advance their careers, and that can be a positive thing.  But there are also ways to kill your career that employees don’t always think about.  Whether you realize it or not, you can derail your career pretty quickly if you commit a faux paus that is considered serious enough by your boss or potential boss.

Here are some career killers:

Posting inappropriate pictures on the Internet. Even if you adjust your settings to the highest privacy level on social media, there is still the possibility that someone may find any inappropriate pictures that you post. One teacher lost her job because one of her students somehow hacked into her account even though she had the highest privacy level available on the settings on Facebook. She had posted pictures of herself drinking while on vacation. That was enough to get her fired.

Lying on your resume. Many people don’t think much about lying on their resumes. They think everyone does it, so it must be okay. But inaccurate information on the resume has caused even executives to lose their positions. It’s not worth sabotaging your career over the long term for short term gain.

Badmouthing the boss. This is another potential career killer that seems harmless because most people seem to engage in it. However, saying something negative about the boss to the wrong person can be the highest form of self sabotage. And even if you speak negatively about the boss to someone you trust, there is always the possibility that someone else with a different agenda might overhear your conversation.

Not projecting a professional image. By taking the casual in business casual dress too far, you can easily convince your employer that you are not professional. You can also come across as unprofessional by talking about issues that are very personal in the hearing of your co-workers and boss. If you work for an organization that takes your dress and personal demeanor very seriously, you could endanger your career by violating written and unwritten company rules.

It may take years to build a professional reputation that puts you on a great career track, but it can take one slip to send your career cascading downwards.  Make sure that you avoid these career killers so that your career will thrive, not die.

Cheryl Palmer is a career expert who has regularly been quoted in The Ladders, the Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, and CNN Money.  She is a career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert.  Download 5 Master Strategies to Land a Job Through Social Media at www.calltocareer.com.

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