5 Career Goals You Can Live With

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5 Career Goals You Can Live WithI think there are more scrooges around annual goal setting than there is around celebrating the holidays.  Annually we hear people talk about deliberately not making goals or resolutions – mainly because they know they won’t keep them.  Of course, there is the group that doesn’t make them because they simply don’t bother.

As a chronic goal setter, it’s hard to understand how you can cruise through life without knowing where you’re going.  This message is for anyone who is unhappy or dissatisfied with their current career, wants more from their career or is ready for a change.  Everyone else, I guess you can just see how it all goes.

To make this easy, I’m going to suggest some goals and all you have to do is put dates on them that will work for you situation.  Then, put these in your calendar to help you stay on track.

Goal #1: Get clear on your performance expectations.  Sit down with your boss no later than January 30 to fully discuss their expectations of you for this year.  Ensure you ask how you will be measured.  Will they look for specific results, data, observations?  Make sure you track what they will track so you can keep you both updated.

Goal #2:  Identify & execute 1 thing you can do that exceeds #1 performance expectations.  All people like and expect some type of growth.  Growth only comes if you are pushing the boundaries of your current job.  You don’t have to wait to be told what that might be.  Initiative is well rewarded.  Do this following doing #1.  Identify by January ___ and executive by ___. (You fill in the blanks)

Goal #3: Identify 1 person to improve working relationship.  Let’s face it; most of our success in getting our work done is with and through others.  You will eventually run in to someone that you just aren’t working that well with.  Make it your goal to substantially improve the relationship.  Do the work to figure this out.  Read books or use a professional to help you figure out what you can do to make this work well.  This is also a skillset you can reuse throughout your career making it well worth developing.  Identify the person by January ___, figure out your improvement strategy by ___ and measure your improvement by ___ (you fill in the blanks)

Goal #4: Learn something new related to your job.  We are just like sharks.  We have to be continuously moving forward in order to thrive.  Without doing that, our soul withers.  The best way to move forward is to learn something new that will positively impact how you do your job.  Perhaps you should take a class in a “soft” skill or learn a new program.  Maybe you should volunteer to work on the companies website so you can pick up SEO abilities.  If you’re out of ideas, ask a senior peer or mentor for suggestions.  Identify the “new learning” by ____ and finish the learning by ___. (You fill in the blanks)

Goal #5: Communicate with the boss and one other manager.  Our work won’t speak for itself – we do.  Make it a point to keep your boss and another key manager or executive updated on what you’re doing and your results.  If you aren’t doing this right now you may think this is extra work.  It isn’t.  It’s very easy and effective to simply go in to their office or catch them in the hall to do a quick 1-2 minute update.  To turn this into a new habit, start this week and do it weekly.

I hope you see that these goals are easy to adapt and will make a huge difference in the direction your career is headed.

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