5 Reasons Why Job Searching Just Got Interesting

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5 Reasons Why Job Searching Just Got InterestingThe job search used be an arduous task and let’s face it, pretty mundane! We’d spend endless hours perfecting our CV, licking and sticking envelopes and traipsing from door to door. It was boring and at times pretty intimidating. But times have changed, and believe it or not, the job search has finally got interesting.

AP Executive, a specialist finance and legal recruitment agency, shares with you the new job hunt and why it got good.

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Reason #1 – Social Media

That’s right. Social media can be used for our work gains as well as our personal pleasure. Some social platforms are more professional than others, and it’s important that you follow the correct etiquette when using social to job search.

LinkedIn is possibly the best platform to use when you’re on the job hunt, it allows you to display your credentials publicly, so the employer can find you, rather than vice versa.  It is solely a professional website and so prevents any blurring of the social/work barriers, something sites such as Facebook and Twitter can sometimes confuse.

The likes of Facebook and Twitter are useful for following the latest news from the companies you are applying for and great for interacting with influential people within the company. Just remember, less is more as far as social stalking is concerned. Keen is good, harassment isn’t.

Reason #2 – It’s not what you know, it’s who you know

This is an age old adage and still remains as true today as it did yesterday. However, rather than keeping friends within the work place at arm’s length, boundaries have become much less strict making it possible to use acquaintances to our advantage. However, just because we have a friend within the workplace it doesn’t mean we have an easy ride – often we have more to.

If you do ‘know someone who knows someone’, ask them to put your name forward. Companies are looking to find someone who is reliable and who will fit in with the team. Your friend provides a perfect reference and if they employer trusts them it’s highly likely this will work in your favour.

A word of caution, if you know that your friend is known to be a bit of a liability it’s probably wise to steer clear of using them as an introduction!

Reason #3 – International recruitment agencies

The world is fast becoming a smaller place and the job opportunities are endless – this has given rise to international recruitment agencies, like AP Executive. It can be extremely difficult trying to find work in a foreign country; most people wouldn’t know where to start.

International recruitment agencies will do all the hard work so you don’t have to. They have the company contacts, they work around the clock and most agencies will prepare you for the interview.  It’s important that your agency will prep you for your interview, as interviewing techniques and social etiquette may be different in your chosen country.

The opportunities that can arise from working internationally are endless. It can progress your career and your CV immensely.

Reason #4 – Networking meetings

This method of job search may be a little old fashioned but it has definitely become a lot more interesting. With companies choosing to hold networking meetings at lavish locations, offering luxurious food spreads and if you’re lucky, drinks after the event.

So, not only do you get a meet and great with the company and the powers that be; you receive a free lunch, and more importantly a chance to show off your social skills in a semi-natural environment, rather than an intense interview.

Just remember though, as fun as a networking event may seem, it is still business and if you want to gun for the job you need to keep your serious head on. Nobody is going to employ the drunk in the corner!

Reason #5 – Be your own boss

Maybe not an official part of the job search, however with the invention of the internet and increasing popularity of independent businesses, it is easier than ever to become your own boss.

This just makes the job search all the more interesting – if you can’t find a job you like or you see a gap in the market, it could be your time to shine. Next time it could be you carrying out the interviews. We wonder if the employee hunt is as much fun?

By Position Ignition (www.positionignition.com) and the Career Ignition Club (www.careerignitionclub.com), the UK’s leading career change and career development company and platform. Also the author of 125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips (http://www.positionignition.com/100-linkedin-job-search-tips). Follow @PosIgnition for more help with your career challenges.

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