5 Steps To Your Next Promotion

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5 Steps To Your Next PromotionYou may be one of the many workers who hasn’t seen a raise or a promotion in years.  If so, you may be wondering what you can do to motivate management to see your true worth and compensate you accordingly.  After all, it is unlikely that you will receive a promotion merely because you are longing for one.

Typically, an organization will need a strong business reason to give you a promotion, especially if you have co-workers who want that promotion too.   Think about your situation from your boss’ perspective.  Your boss will have to justify requesting a promotion for you.  You can make your boss’ job easier if you give him or her some objective reasons for granting your request.

Here are some steps you can take to increase your chances of getting that promotion:

1)      Mention the fact that you have gotten a recent degree. A degree may qualify you for a promotion, especially if a degree (first degree or advanced degree) is a requirement for a higher level position within your organization.

2)      Rewrite your resume and submit it for a higher level position within your organization. A crisply written resume can distill your accomplishments for your different positions and make you shine. This may work in terms of getting you a promotion in another area within your organization.

3)      Ask your internal mentor to put in a good word for you. A mentor who is well placed within the organization can wield his or her influence in your favor.

4)      Think of some convincing reasons why the organization can benefit from giving you more responsibility. For example, you may have some ideas that would significantly contribute to the success of a new initiative, and a promotion would give you the opportunity to implement those ideas.

5)      Remind your boss that you have acted as the manager in the manager’s absence. If the company has trusted you to act in a higher capacity than your current job title indicates, then it shows that you are ready to be promoted.

Cheryl Palmer is a career expert who has regularly been quoted in The Ladders, the Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, and CNN Money.  She is a career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert.  Download 5 Master Strategies to Land a Job Through Social Media at www.calltocareer.com.

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