5 Steps You Need to Do When Changing Careers

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5 Steps You Need to Do When Changing CareersIt’s increasingly the case that at several points in our life we seek a change of career. Sometimes we have to; sometimes we just want to. Quite often we know why we’re changing careers and what we want out of it but flounder when it comes to how we do it. Career Ignition Club was created to provide useful, practical advice and information in multimedia formats to deal with the “how.”

So when we look at what needs to be done to change careers these are usually the 5 key steps.

1. Get to Know Yourself

Why is this important? When we change careers we end up trying to sell ourselves to employers just like any product or service that might be on sale to us as consumers. It’s always important to know what a product can do and you, as a product, are no exception. There’s no getting away from the fact we have to understand ourselves so that we can project the best of us. In Career Ignition Club there is checklist called Discover Your Career Passion. It is an article that has been compressed into 5 elements for you to consider.

2. Explore Your Options

Many times when we think about career change, we can get concerned about how few options we actually have. The truth is that the more we do on the first step of getting to know ourselves, the more options there are likely to be for us in the future. You need to be creative about how you explore them. Included in the Club’s extensive webinar archives is our Career Options Exploration webinar. This is a 50 minute webinar that helps you to explore your options creatively. One of the key elements of exploring your options is how you structure this process.

3. Research

Having made up your mind about which option you’re going to pursue, how about looking into exactly where you’re going to? Amongst the many eBooks in the Club’s virtual library is Make Your Career Change Happen, which includes 96 top tips on how you switch careers successfully.  Included in the eBook is a section on researching different careers, with many key tips on researching new career areas.

4, Network

When we are making a career change, networking is a fundamental element of the process. It happens in different places but specifically it happens when you’re exploring what you might want, not right this minute, but later when you’re actually looking to make that change. It is highly improbably that you’ll be able to make that change without becoming more masterful about networking. Another eBook in our library, 135 Networking Career Tips, provides comprehensive exploration of what you need to do to harness networking.

5. Get Out There

You of course have to actually get out there into the job market at some point, once you’re ready to. Unfortunately this is not something you can avoid doing and you need to be professional in the way that you do it and in the way that you convince employers to have a closer look at you. In our webinar archive is a webinar that lasts for just one hour and is on the subject pitching and packaging yourself. The aim of this webinar is to explain how you differentiate yourself from the other thousands of job candidates out there. Job markets are increasingly crowded so it’s important to understand the importance of differentiation and how to present yourself effectively.

Achieving a career change is a challenge. Many would argue it’s more challenging today than ever before, which is why Position Ignition created Career Ignition Club to help career changers face today’s challenges head on. As challenging as changing careers is, anyone willing to take these steps above will find it easier to do so.

By Simon North, Founder of Position Ignition (www.positionignition.com) and the Career Ignition Club (www.careerignitionclub.com), the UK’s leading career change and career development company and platform. He is also the author of 125 LinkedIn Job Search Tips (http://www.positionignition.com/100-linkedin-job-search-tips). Follow him @PosIgnition for more help with your career challenges.

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