5 Strategies to Jump Start Your Job Search in 2011

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5 Strategies to Jump Start Your Job SearchWell, here we are … the start of a new year. Whether you are just launching a job search or need to jump start the one you´ve been on, here are some resolutions to consider.

I will embrace social media.

One of the fastest growing trends in job search is the use of social media. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools are now integral parts of a successful job search. Have you done a Google search for your name? What comes up? You want to build a strong online presence as not only will potential employers quickly learn about you when they do a search, but the increased visibility could result in someone contacting you about a job. Participating in LinkedIn group discussions, starting your own blog or contributing to others, and posting on Twitter are some of the ways to boost your Google profile.

I will increase my networking efforts.

Reports indicate that the highest percentage of people report they landed a new job through networking, thus it makes sense to spend time building yours. Search for former colleagues, classmates, or people you´ve done business with on LinkedIn and initiate contact. Make attending local networking events a weekly habit, and while there challenge yourself to meet five new contacts. Join a trade association for your industry and get involved to increase your visibility. Building relationships is one of the best ways to gain referrals when a job opens up.

I will add new strategies to my job search plan.

Job search is like fishing … the more lines you get in the water the quicker you´ll get a bite. Take a look at your search activities and find new ponds to fish. Do you have a top ten list of companies you’d like to join? Are you reaching out to your network to find contacts in those companies? Before you answer a job posting are you looking through your LinkedIn network (and their connections) to identify a person to respond to instead of the Human Resource department? Have you joined a local job search group? If there isn’t one locally, start one. Regularly comparing notes and giving/receiving support from others going through the same process will be invaluable.

I will follow up … consistently.

Most of us aren´t always 100% up to speed when it comes to follow-up activities. Put in place a system to regularly initiate an email or phone call after an interview, send thank you messages to contacts who make referrals, and recontact people you have sent your resume to. Another good strategy is to remind your network every 4-6 weeks that you are still looking for the right opportunity; sending them one or two postings you’ve applied for will give them a clear idea of the type of position you are seeking.

I will stay positive.

Job search is lonely and often leaves candidates feeling defeated. It´s not easy to stay upbeat and enthusiastic, so include activities in your plan to reward yourself. Make time to participate in family outings or treat yourself to a movie or shopping excursion. Because you are working extremely hard on your search, taking time to recharge your batteries on a regular basis is important.

Reports lately indicate that the job market is improving. Here’s to your success in 2011!

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