5 Ways You Are Hurting Your Career

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5 Ways You Are Hurting Your CareerIf you are stuck in your career, you may be tempted to blame everyone else but yourself.  After all, the economy still isn’t great, and many companies are reluctant to hire or promote existing staff.   But in spite of the truthfulness of these statements, it still may be worth your while to look within.  There may be things that you are doing that are holding you back. The bad economy may not be the only reason.

Here are some possibilities as to why your career has not taken off the way that you want it to:

1)      Your skills are too limited. If you have a very narrow skill set, your career options are also narrow. You should invest in yourself and obtain any certifications that would make you appealing to employers. This will keep you from being stuck in neutral.

2)      You are not known outside of your department. If you work for a large company, being known only within your department can hinder your prospects. There may be other opportunities within the organization that you may be interested in, but if you are not a known entity, you will not be considered for them. Join organization-wide committees to increase your exposure.

3)      You haven’t kept up with your network. Most people find their jobs through someone that they know. By not maintaining contact with people in your network, you are excluding yourself from career possibilities. It is likely that you will remain stalled in your career if you do not make an active effort to stay in touch with your network and let them notify you of opportunities.

4)      You have limited your visibility to just your organization. Professionals who want to be viewed as experts in their fields can demonstrate their expertise by presenting at professional association meetings and getting published in professional journals and/or the general media. Presenting at professional association meetings, being published in professional journals or being quoted in the media speaks volumes about your level of expertise.

5)      You have become pigeonholed into one area. Cross train so that you can perform more than one function if necessary. In an era of cutbacks you make yourself more valuable if you are flexible and can do more than one job. Being knowledgeable of more than one functional area also positions you to take on greater responsibility within the organization.

As you can see, there are solutions to these problems.  You can start making changes today that will improve your career options.

Cheryl Palmer is a career expert who has regularly been quoted in The Ladders, the Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, and CNN Money.  She is a career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert.  Download 5 Master Strategies to Land a Job Through Social Media at www.calltocareer.com.

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