A Sure-Fire Way to Land a Job You Hate

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A Sure-Fire Way to Land a Job You HateRecently, I have spoke to a couple of people about the importance of clarifying what they are pursuing in their job search.  In this economic environment, it’s important if not vital to focus on a specific position so it drives what content you focus on in your resume and LinkedIn profile.  Without doing that, you don’t stand a chance of being pulled out of the Applicant Tracking System, much less passing the all-important “first skim”.

At the same time, many people who are out of work are using this job search time to pursue jobs that made up previous positions, but not the last job.  Usually the motivation is to avoid doing something they really don’t like to do.  That is understandable but (and here’s where the lack of clarity comes in for these people) they are still submitting their resume for those types of positions.  Which means they lack clarity for what they are pursuing and that won’t get you what you want.  It’s how you end up with a job you hate.  And,,,it won’t be a pretty picture for how long and painful it will take to end up with a job you don’t really want.

Granted, in this hiring environment you will be much more competitive if you are looking for the same type of job as the last one you did.    If the last job you did is the last thing in the world you want to do then you need to be clear on what job you are pursuing.  Then focus not just your resume but also all of your activities on that specific job.

Many people think that casting the net of your job search to all of the jobs you might be qualified for will increase your odds of “finding something” regardless of whether or not you really want to do that work.  In today’s environment, that logic will backfire on you.  You first have to make a choice on exactly what position you are pursuing, then rework your resume and LinkedIn profile to reflect the skills needed to support that position.  After that your behavior needs to line up behind that decision.  You need to communicate clearly to your network what you’re looking for.  You must be submitting that reworked resumes to those specific jobs.

In my years working on various business processes, the one thing we always used to say is that you get the results that your process is designed to get.  If your job search process is going after jobs you don’t want, THAT will be your result.  Think about it.

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