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What People Are Saying

  • During one of our recent searches he helped to rewrite our JD, for better search and application success. He also helped change my approach to the search and my criteria for interviewing candidates...

    Todd E.
  • As a Talent Management professional I have come across many services that commit they will yield results and then do not deliver. I was so pleased to see the Michaels team not only gets the desired results, but they go way above and beyond in making sure there is value associated with every dollar I spend. I am not just another number, I am a partner, and I am treated as such...

    Linda L.
  • The service and attention to detail I received from Michael's company was second to none, and the business model he created spoke volumes about his ability to identify opportunity and capitalize upon it. He filled a void in sourcing qualified candidates in an efficient manor and at a significant savings for his clients...

    Spencer B.
  • While at Masterfoods, I posted positions on the cpg site and always received great, qualified results. This truly is a website that is only for cpg candidates and Michael knows this industry in-depth. I highly recommend Michael and his company...

    Cindy K.
  • I have worked with Michael and brought in CPG Job List at several companies I have worked with. I think the quality of candidates, the service level and the expetise Michael brings to the table is outstanding and would recommend any CPG company to take a look at this site!

    Jana G.

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