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All of us have been in the market for a new job at one time or another. We may have spent days, weeks, or even months combing through different job boards looking for the perfect match. Traditional job boards have lots of job listings but limited search capabilities. Generic job searches return pages and pages of results – the majority of which have little to no relevance. Advanced searches don’t fair much better. Either we narrow ourselves too far, turning up only a small handful of postings that still aren’t quite right, or we find ourselves bombarded by pages of postings – just a few less than before.

The restriction to keyword-based searching is what causes this problem. Keyword-based searches only look for jobs based on the key terms or phrases you enter. They don’t factor in your skills or qualifications and they don’t discriminate. Your search for “Sales Manager”will pull all job posts containing the word “Sales”or “Manager” without any regard to their context.While you may be looking for a Sales Manager position in a corporate company, you could get back listings for “sales” clerks at department stores, “manager” listings at local restaurants, or marketing “manager” positions at car dealerships. All of the listings are related to what you searched but not related to you! This means finding the right job can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. You may try hundreds of keyword searches and still not find the job you are looking for.

Our new job board is different. Now with Real-Time Job Matching™ technology, the new CPGjobs job board gives job seekers a more integrated experience. With job matching, you are automatically matched to relevant jobs — eliminating the need for tedious keyword searches.

When you create a job seeker account on the new CPGjobs job board you will enter in your skills, experience, preferences, and upload a copy of your resume. The more information you give us, the better the matches. All of this information is kept completely confidential and we don’t ask you for your name, address or any other identifying details. You can remain anonymous throughout your job matching process. The only time that you are required to identify yourself is when you apply to a job. Even then, your information is sent directly to the employer and not kept in your online account.

As soon as you have finished creating your job seeker profile, your account will automatically populate with job matches, so there’s no need to search and sift through irrelevant jobs. Best of all, as new job postings become available you will be automatically alerted if there is a match.

Whether you are actively seeking a new job or just looking to see what is out there, this system provides you with the right tools to find what you are looking for and connect with the right job in a fraction of the time.

When you join, you’ll:

  • Get job matches delivered to your account instantly, without having to conduct time-consuming keyword searches
  • Stay informed of new opportunities with job match e-mail alerts
  • Have your job matches automatically graded and ranked based on match level so you can focus on the most relevant opportunities
  • Look for multiple job titles in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Get visibility among potential employers who access our job seeker database in search of candidates for their open positions
  • Stay anonymous while you explore new career opportunities

To learn more about our new job board visit our site for a full FAQ, here. Still have questions? Contact us via email at or by phone at (626) 535-0143.

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