Boredom: 8 Tips For How To Avoid It On The Job

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Boredom: 8 Tips For How To Avoid It On The JobThere are some things you can do to assure you that the career you have will stay juicy for a long time.  To avoid boredom in your job you need to find a career that you not only love but feel passionate about.  That may be easier said than done and countless quotes and a few brilliant scientists have studied this subject. These big thinkers all seem to point to the thing: If you have a career you love it will blur the line between work and play.  You will feel compelled and drawn to it like a moth to a flame.   Boredom won’t be something you experience when you are so completely enthralled with the work you do.

I’m living proof that it is this perspective on your work is true. The bigger question is: How do you find a job/career that you will feel passionate about?  This question is ponderous for most people so let me suggest several things that you can do to discover the answer:

1-Is there a job/career that you thought looked cool?   You may already know the answer to this bigger question but never gave yourself the permission to pursue.  If there is anything you’ve were intrigued by – go do your homework to find out more.

2-You have to be on a journey of discovery.  The people who find a job they love didn’t just trip over it on the way to the TV set.  You have to get curious about the world and willing to talk to people about what they do, research interesting things and immerse yourself in new experiences.  The switch for your passion is hidden; it requires your personal investment of time to discover your passions.  Like everything else in life, you will find more things you don’t feel passionate about then you do, so be patient.

3-You may be looking at positive impact.  A characteristic of many people in this situation is that want to make a positive impact on others.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go work for a nonprofit (although the people that work there usually love their work).  This may mean you will want to do something where you can see direct correlation between what you do and real impact on others.

4-Self asssess.  We really don’t spend too much time really trying to understand what drives us and the skills we already have that could be used in other ways.  Make it a daily practice to look at all the corners of who you are to compile a list of your skills, interests and situations that you really know you like using.  When you do that, you may discover other ways of using those capabilities that will really cause you to soar.

While you’re in the process of finding that career that will ignite your passions, the next question is: What can I do to relieve the boredom with the job I have right now?  There are a few things for you to try:

5-Continous learning.  There are always new things you can learn that will directly apply to the job or place of work you have right now.  It may or may not entail a class.  You may discover someone you work with can teach you something new.  Learning is growing and you won’t be bored.

6-Ask for a new responsibility.  Look around the area you work in.  The reason you’re bored is you are missing mental stimulation.  You will absolutely be stimulated by learning a new task.

7-Change what or how you’re doing things.  Repetition spawns boredom.  Stop doing things the same way every day.  You might need to change what time of the day or change the process.  Usually there are always better ways to get results, look for something you can improve.

8-Change jobs where you work.  Even if it’s not going to the career of your dreams, you will not be bored if you have an entirely new thing to learn.

Boredom is a good thing to avoid.  It can cause you to become dull and listless.  You can also become restless and unhappy with many things in your life so while being bored isn’t as instantly damaging as other things, it will take its toll on you and your career.  The best path for avoiding boredom is to do something you love.

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