Candidates Ask: Why Should I Pay For A Candidate Membership?

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Candidates Ask: Why Should I Pay For CPGjoblistLately I have been talking to a lot of candidates about CPGjobs´ change to a Paid Candidate Membership option. One of the most frequent questions I´ve been asked is “Why should I pay you to see jobs I could probably find on my own on the Internet or through companies´ own websites?” This is a fair question. I figure a lot of you have this question so I´ve decided to answer it here in our blog. I´ll begin with a true story.

A little over a month ago, numerous career websites came under attack by a foreign–based hacker who posted false job openings under the name of a (stolen) real company´s name here in the United States. Those of you who checked our site as well as any of the large job boards may have noticed these false postings. If you happened to apply to one of these jobs, you began receiving email from the hacker, ultimately ending in an attempt to acquire personal financial information from you.

Now, here at CPGjobs, we ONLY list real, live, active positions – and we check every single position that is posted on our site to ensure that it is legitimate. As a result of our internal process, we were able to quickly uncover the hack, determine that no personal information was compromised, contact all of you who had applied to the position (we talked to several of you personally), notify the company here in the States whose name had been stolen, (we were the only career site they heard from) and quickly report the problem to the U.S. authorities.

I tell you this story to make a very important point. CPGjobs runs a job board, but we are much more than a job board. We differ significantly from other career sites in several important areas:

  • All of our jobs are REAL, live, active searches. We check all of our jobs. We have personal relationships with the top—quality employers who post here. If you see a job on our site, it is an active, legitimate search.
  • We offer you personal service. As a Paid Membership Candidate you can call us up at any time and talk with us about your job search, what you are looking for, to learn more about a particular position you see posted, or simply ask a question. Oh, and when you call us, we won’t try to sell you anything. We´re here to serve you. Here´s our number: 626-535-0143.
  • We can get you in front of the hiring authority. Company websites get hundreds of applicants to their posted positions every single day. How in the heck can you get seen? Our personal relationships with the employers who use us to find top–quality CPG–experienced people make it possible for us to get your resume and background in front of hiring personnel ahead of the pack. We talk to these people every day. If your background is perfect for a position, call us and let us know. If we agree, we’ll get the paperwork rolling…personally!
  • Our recruiters are professionals…we guarantee it. We hear the horror stories all the time. The recruiter dropped the ball. You never got a call back. You don´t know the status of your application. What you may not know is that the recruiter posted positions you see on CPGjoblist are backed by our Candidate Bill of Rights – which every one of our recruiters must adhere to. We have personal relationships with all of the recruiters on our site. However, if you do run into a problem with one of them you have a right to report that problem directly to us and we´ll take steps to correct the situation. Try that at another career site!
  • You have total privacy control. When you register your membership on CPGjobs your profile is NOT public. Within the registration process ONLY legitimate CPGjobs hiring companies that YOU allow can see your resume and personal information. Period. And that´s true whether you are a Paid or Free Member.

These are but a few of the benefits offered by a CPGjobs Paid Candidate Membership– and there are many more.

Looking for your next great position is a full–time job in and of itself. Your time is valuable. Why waste time trolling the Internet applying to positions on anonymous job boards that may or may not be real jobs?

Finally, I want to tell you how much CPGjobs truly needs your financial support.

For many years we have self–funded our personalized services for candidates, and like many entrepreneurial firms, the economic crisis has hit us hard. Yet, we remain solidly committed to our mission to serve the Consumer Packaged Goods community– asking only that you make a small commitment to us as well. As you do so, consider what having a resource like CPGjobs means…real jobs, personalized service, help getting ahead of the pack…and perhaps even a little emotional support when you need it most.

The job market is picking up and CPGjobs has new employers coming on board every week. So I encourage you to become a Paid Member if you can, and use us, and our personal services to help. We live for this stuff…seriously!

Happy hunting,

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