Career Mapping for Climbing Managers – Planning Your Career On Purpose

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Career Mapping for Climbing Managers: Planning Your Career on PurposeI have released my book “Career Mapping for Climbing Managers – Planning Your Career On Purpose”. You can find the book in print or Kindle on Amazon

About the book: In order for each of us to love what we do, we have to pay attention to and plan our careers. Taking responsibility for our career is key to an ever growing and exciting career path versus a huge disappointment down the road.

Career Mapping is laid out step-by-step in a simple to follow format with plenty of insight and examples along the way. When you follow the instructions throughout the book, you will have a great plan of action for your career. You’ll know what to do AND that plan will also be validated with the people that can make the decision on your next promotion!

About the author: Dorothy Tannahill-Moran is an author, speaker, Leadership coach and regular contributor to CPG Jobs. Dorothy help’s people discover their leadership potential. She has deep knowledge on management development, human interaction and organization dynamics forged by 21 years of Management at Intel and 5 years as a Leadership coach. Dorothy has lead 100’s of people to become impressive leaders internationally. You can contact Dorothy at:

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