CPG Jobs: No Black Holes – Get Your Resume Seen, Here’s How

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CPGjobs want to help, but are you listeningMichael Carrillo, President and Founder, CPGjobs

CPGjobs is owned by Penny Sallberg and me. Not only is our company the most focused job board in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry but our company offers you real people you can speak with – people who have access to every employer that posts with us and is a part of our CPG community.

Many of you have purchased a Paid (Premium) membership with us, but most paid members are not taking advantage of all CPGjobs has to offer. Here are some features you should know about as paying members (but are probably not using).

  • We can actually get our candidate’s paperwork seen by the hiring manager or talent person!
  • We can actually give our candidates advice on their resume because we are in the industry.
  • We can spotlight our candidates in our blog, on Facebook, in Twitter and in our LinkedIn-CPGrecruiters group. (We have over 550 HR, talent acquisition folks and recruiters from the top CPG employers and  recruiting agencies.)
  • Anyone can post comments, rants, questions etc. to all of our media.

As many of you know, we have both a free membership and a preimum membership (only $39.95 for the whole year!!) What I do not understand is that those of you that are paying the one time yearly fee, do not take advantage of these wonderful opportunities –  even after you paid us.


We constantly hear complaints from candidates that everything they do falls into a black hole, yet when we give candidates tools to stay out of the “black hole”, they don’t take advantage of them!  What’s going on?

We are here to support you and the employers who post their jobs on our site.  That has been our mission since we started the company over 11 years ago.  We want participation from everyone. We want your rants, raves, discussions, questions, blog entries and comments.  If you have something to say we want you to share it with our community.

So, this is what I say to those that have paid for the CPGjobs premium membership for the year. You have services available to you for a good price.  You’re not paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars that some companies charge you.

Please embrace this community and become full participants.  When you realize the benefits of the premium package and pay for it, then please use it.

I welcome your comments. Please let me know what we can do to make our services more accessible, easier to use, etc.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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