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If you are a job seeker looking for your next move in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) or you are an employer looking to hire, look no further! CPGjobs is excited to announce the launch of a totally new job board, supercharged with cutting edge job-matching technology and targeted network distribution. CPGjobs is introducing 3 exciting upgrades to their job listing services: Total Talent Reach™, Real-Time Job Matching™, Job-Level Datamining technology.

“Over the past 16 years, we have worked with hundreds of HR professionals in CPG who were frustrated using online services to find talent. They found themselves posting the same job listing again and again across several different job sites, and paying a lot of money for it each time. It is costly, time consuming, and often yields few results. We wanted to offer a better option. With our new platform, employers can post a single job listing on CPGjobs and have it seen across 1000’s of relevant job sites for 1 low cost. Our goal is to help our employers save both time and money while connecting with qualified candidates who have the experience and skills they need.” – Michael Carrillo, President & Co-Founder of CPGjobs

With Total Talent Reach™ a single job listing on CPGjobs reaches millions of active and passive job seekers across a network of thousands of local, niche, and vertical job sites, as well as leading aggregator sites and social networks. Real-Time Job Matching™ technology automatically optimizes, distributes, and monitors these listings as part of targeted ad campaigns. In addition, Resume Boost, allows employers to datamine at the job level – searching through hundreds of resume databases and delivering the most qualified candidates directly to the hiring managers. On average, employers will now experience up to 4 times better performance than the leading national job boards and reach more candidates than the top two national job boards combined.

“It’s not enough to simply deliver our employers quantity. CPGjobs has built its reputation on finding our clients the best candidates in CPG. That’s why it was crucial for us to pair our extensive job board reach with a technology that created the best possible matches for both job seekers and employers.” 
- Penny Sallberg, Co-Founder of CPGjobs

CPGjobs also offers job seekers an enhanced user experience driven by Real-Time Job Matching™ technology which instantly matches job seekers to open postings based on their skill set, experience and preferences – eliminating the need for tedious keyword searching and browsing through hundreds of irrelevant job postings. Best of all, job seekers can sign up for alerts about new job matches via email or our free mobile app. With Real-Time Job Matching™, job seekers now spend less time searching for the right position and more time applying to relevant jobs they qualify for.

CPGjobs is available to anyone Looking For Work or Looking To Hire in CPG. As a celebration of their revolutionary new technology CPGjobs is offering a 20% off summer promotion. To check out the specials visit CPGjobs.com or contact by phone at (626) 535-0143.

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