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Del Monte Foods

Del Monte Foods

One, The Market
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415-247-3000
Fax: 415-247-3565



Del Monte is one the country´s largest and most well known producers, distributors and marketers of premium quality, branded food and pet products in the U.S. retail market. Del Monte manages a powerful portfolio of brands including Del Monte, S & W, Contadina, College Inn, and more. The company´s pet food and snack brands include Meow Mix, Kibbles ´n Bits, Milk Bone, 9Lives, Pup-Peroni, Gravy Train, Nature´s Recipe, Canine Carry-Outs and more. The company also produces and distributes private label food and pet products and markets packaged food products under the Del Monet brand in South America. In fiscal year 2010, the company generated $3.7 billion in net sales.


The Del Monte Vision:
Nourishing Families.
Enriching Lives.
Every Day.

Del Monte is committed to enriching the lives of today´s family – everyone in the family, including pets – by providing nourishing, great tasting and east-to-use products that meet the needs of everyone in the home.
At Del Monte Foods, the phrase “nourishing families” refers to nutrition, of course.
But there is another dimension to nourishing: enriching family life. Del Monte believes that there is no better way to make families stronger – to make family life richer – than enjoying a healthy, delicious meal together around the table.
The company nourishes people by providing a vast array of healthy, high-quality foods, including fruit, vegetable and tomato products, as well as broths. They enrich lives by encouraging and enabling families to eat together with delicious products that offer convenience and ease, as well as quality and nutrition. And Del Monte offers a comprehensive line of food and snacks for pets – beloved, integral parts of a growing number of families.
The company is driven by the consumer and delivers results through a partnership with their customers that is built upon superior brands and products, continuous innovation, excellent service and a commitment to quality in all they do. Their people are passionate about wining and take pride in Del Monte as they lead the organization towards achieving world-class performance and superior shareholder value.


Del Monte lives its vision by providing employees a healthy work/life balance. From summer hours to onsite fitness, they have created a culture that values and respects their employees’ time, skills and energy. The company´s goal is to create a positive and challenging work environment that engages employees through cutting-edge work assignments and project responsibilities.
Del Monte encourages an entrepreneurial environment and provides opportunities for rapid advancement. They provide the resources to achieve business goals and offer diverse growth opportunities for employees to lead meaningful careers.

Core Values:

Winning Together

  • Company First, Function Second.
  • Share a Vision of Success.
  • Collaborate for Best Results.
  • Celebrate Wins Regularly.


  • Value the Concerns and Input of Others.
  • Develop Yourself & Your People.
  • Create an Environment Where People Thrive.
  • Honor Your Commitments.


  • Lead with Passion.
  • Be Proactive and Accountable.
  • Think Outside of Your Job Description.
  • Bring Innovation to Everything You Do.


  • Have Courageous Conversations.
  • Take Intelligent Risks.
  • Get Comfortable with Discomfort.
  • Do the Right Thing.


Del Monte is committed to promoting and preserving a workplace environment rich in diversity— one in which individual differences are not simply tolerated or accepted, but truly appreciated.

Diversity encompasses universally recognized traits such as race, gender and national origin; however, it also includes less obvious individual differences such as socioeconomic background and personal lifestyle.

The Del Monte philosophy holds to the belief that promoting these differences in the workplace is a means of encouraging personal and organizational growth and contribution, and enabling individuals and teams. Furthermore, workplace diversity reflects the changing face of the American workforce and population, as well as their customer base.

Del Monte’s commitment to diversity is consistent with their shared values: Winning Together, Respect, Ownership and Courage.

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