CPGjobs Teleseminar-Love Your Recruiter and Other Job Search Tips

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Dorothy Tannahill Moran


Guest: Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

If you missed the CPGJobs Teleseminar this week – Recruiters’ Insider Secrets To Getting The Job You Want, it’s a shame as there were ton’s of great tips our 3 hotshot recruiters* shared with us.  Never fear, I’m here to recap some of the things that stuck in my mind.  This is just too good to keep to myself.

Here are some points that were made:

  • The recruiter works for the hiring manager and their company.  As friendly as a recruiter is and as much as they connect with you, their mission is to make a match for the hiring manager’s opening.  They are working to find the best possible candidate, as quickly as possible.
  • Yes, you do need to talk salary, even during a phone screen.  As Gail Houston said “I’ve never presented a candidate that I didn’t know their salary”.   If you were underpaid or if you can be flexible, let them know.
  • Phone screens are important, so treat them like they are.  Even though a phone screen might be short and sweet, it is a vital initial contact with the recruiter.  If they’re calling you, they think you have potential and there are usually only a few things they need to find out to firm up in their mind.  If they catch you driving down the interstate, either pull over to talk or ask to schedule it for a time you can focus.  They need to talk to the real you, not the you driving 70.
  • Be honest and open with your recruiter.  They already have a good idea that you might be a good fit if they’re speaking with you.  They need to know you will be a good cultural fit and perhaps go into more detail about your skill set.  It does them no good to place someone that leaves because the job is a mismatch.
  • Develop a relationship with your recruiter.  They don’t have to become your BFF but it’s to their benefit and yours to establish an ongoing relationship even after you get hired by their hiring manager.  Their preferred candidate is one that is referred, so if they know you they will know to some degree the type of person you would refer to them.  It expands their ability to find good candidates. (and makes you a hero with your friend you referred).
  • Linked In is important for job seekers.  Yes, Linked In is a major source for recruiters to find good candidates.  You need to be on there, have a well developed profile and belong to groups associated with your profession.  When you join in to the discussion, your visibility increases and the chances increase that they will spot you.
  • Your resume and Linked In profile need to relate.  Nothing will put a recruiter off more than comparing a resume and the Linked In profile that bear no relation to one another.  I know what they mean.  I have seen people whose profile and resume look like they came from two different people.  No one is going to spend time trying to sort out what you’re trying to say.  They will dump you like a bad date.
  • You’re not always going to get closure.  As much as we’d like to hear back from a recruiter after a phone screen or interview, time may simply not allow that to happen.  Every opening they work on is urgent so this type of social grace may get skipped.  Yes, it’s ok to follow up with them, so long as you keep it short.
  • Just because you weren’t picked doesn’t mean they don’t love you.  All too often job seekers think that there must be something wrong with them because: 1- they didn’t get contacted after sending a resume 2- didn’t get picked to interview after a phone screen or 3- didn’t get a job offer after an interview.  Bad thinking.  In fact, they keep your resume marked in a special way if they go so far as a phone screen.  If it doesn’t go further, it means they had other candidates that work better right now for this job – not that you aren’t a good candidate.
  • Watch your details!  Egads, this was hard to hear.  Some job seekers send resumes only they don’t attach the resume, or do incomplete send of an application.

I’m sure there was much more wisdom than this post includes but I wanted to get this to you quickly.  This great information is just too good to keep to myself.

*Gail Houston, Tom Bolt, Tim Tyrell-Smith

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