Datamining At The Job Level

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Searching resume databases for passive job seekers is tedious, time consuming, and often produces few, if any, results. Here’s why:

  • Traditional resume datamining requires employers to search through multiple databases.
  • Since each database has it’s own unique interface and functions, employers must learn to navigate multiple systems – making it difficult to search quickly, easily, and effectively.
  • Because resumes are often outdated or incomplete, it can be difficult to connect with a potential candidate even if you locate one.

These pitfalls are enough for most staffing departments to pass on resume datamining. This is a big loss. Resume datamining allows you to connect with candidates who may have missed your job posting or aren’t actively looking.

This is why we have introduced Datamining At The Job Level. Through a feature called Candidate Resume Boost, which can be added to any job listing, you can enjoy all the fruits of datamining without having to enter a single database. With Candidate Resume Boost, you can stop searching and get matched.

Candidate Resume Boost collects the most qualified candidates from not just 1, but an entire network of resume databases, and delivers them directly to your employer account. This means that you can connect with passive and active job seekers without having to wait for them to apply!

As soon as you activate Resume Boost on one of your job listings, database matches will automatically appear in your employer account. Matches are graded and ranked so you can focus on the most qualified candidates first. You can then easily view resumes and match criteria for each matched candidate and invite them to apply with a simple click. You can also easily search for relevant public profiles on Linkedin®.

Since matches are continuously rechecked against our resume database and those in our network, your matches will be updated automatically as new and existing candidates update their skills and preferences and as you update your job requirements.

Get Candidate Resume Boost today to:

  • Find the most qualified passive and active candidates
  • Get candidates delivered instantly to your account, without having to wait for them to apply
  • Look at a few highly qualified candidates instead of searching through hundreds of under qualified ones
  • Review, select & engage passive candidates
  • Find qualified candidates on across our network & on LinkedIn
  • Stay up-to-date with real-time results

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