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CPGjobs Helps You Connect


Talk to just about anyone looking for a job these days and you hear one thing over and over again, “I apply to hundreds of positions and I never hear anything back!”

Applying to jobs with a customized resume and cover letter is incredibly time consuming. 99% of the time you never hear anything back. Is the position still open? Are they still interviewing? There’s nothing worse than continually finding yourself in the black hole.
CPG-experienced candidates, there IS a BETTER way.

When you become a Premium CPGjobs Member we will personally make an introduction for you to the hiring manager. This is not a casual “Sally meet Joe” electronic introduction. We communicate with the hiring manager or recruiter about your background, experience and cultural fit within the organization. We facilitate your first conversation- helping you jump over that black hole and giving you the opportunity to strut your stuff.
Over the past several months, we’ve introduced many successful candidates to our client companies, and we want to do the same for you.

  • Upgrade your membership to Premium for $39.95 for a year- about $3.00 a month. There’s no automatic renewal, or hidden monthly fees.
  • Complete your Candidate Profile and upload your resume
  • Submit your application(s)
  • Give us a call at 626-535-0143.

We’ll have a brief conversation about your background and fit, then we’ll make that all-important introduction for you, ensuring your opportunity to be seen and reviewed at the hiring organization. It’s that simple!
You’re always saying, “If I could just talk to somebody…” With CPGjobs’ Premium Membership, you can. The next move is yours.


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