Don’t Give Up On Your Career Ambitions – Take Action

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Don’t Give Up On Your Career Ambitions – Take ActionI often hear from people as early as in their 40’s who think their ability to steer their career in a good direction is gone.  They don’t like where they ended up but seem to think their days for getting it right are behind them.  If you’re in that group – you need to read this and repeat it until these messages really sink in.

The message: It’s never too late to pursue your career ambitions.

Let’s look at how you got here before looking at what you can do now:

  • No direction.  More than likely, you are one of those many people who really didn’t know specifically what career you wanted.  You probably “found” something and in that process got locked in because of your personal obligations.
  • No goals or plans.  Even after you got into the path you took, more than likely you simply let circumstances sweep you along.  When you fail to plan you will most likely not like the direction you take.  You can control your direction by you have to pay attention to it.

Action to take now:

  •  Change your attitude.  Your first order of business is to get your head in the right space.  If you have been thinking you can’t move your career into a space you like or have given up – attitude adjustment is your first step.  Your attitude does affect our outcome.  Just because you didn’t steer your course up til now doesn’t mean you can’t start today.
  • Figure out your direction.  Don’t just take a stab at the most obvious thing you can see.  Spend some time investigating and researching where you’d like to go.  The thing too many people do is pick a career direction based on a superficial impression.  When you fail to drill down you are making a decision only on the visible aspects.  Those superficial observations are only a small portion of any career.
  • Plan your actions.  Now that you know where you’re headed, more than likely you will have several actions you need to take that will get you there.  You may have classes to take, certifications or projects that will position you.  Whatever those things are, put dates on them so you know when and in what order you will be executing on those things.
  • Have patience.  Chances are that earlier in your life you lacked the patience it takes to adequately figure out and plan a good direction for yourself.  Even if patience is still in short supply, be warned that there is no instant answer.  Just like working out in a gym, it takes while before you start seeing results.  The reward of your patience will be to get yourself on a positive path.
  • Assert yourself.  Some people think that just because they have taken actions that those actions will speak for themselves.  That won’t happen.  You must be willing to assert yourself either through your job search or by speaking to management at your company when you are fully prepared for that next step.  Since you know where you’re headed and have thoughtfully prepared, you should confidently approach decision makers to get the position you want.

Winston Churchill once said: “Don’t give up.  Never, ever give up.”  It was when England was being bombed and severely beaten up by the Nazi.  That attitude proved to prevail.  No matter what your track record up to this point or your age, you can get your career on a track.  You can look forward to a fulfilling career going forward.

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