[Encore Webinar] The Secrets to Easy Self-Promotion for Introverts: If not YOU, then WHO?

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We’re bringing this back because you asked!

Tooting your own horn or self-promoting can be a hard thing for an introvert to consider doing. More often then not, you see really obnoxious people bragging and all it does is turn you off to the idea. You probably prefer to focus on your work…. won’t that work?

You’re not sure what you would say or do anyway.

Does this sound like you?

The problem is, that if you don’t promote yourself throughout your career to get that next job or promotion – WHO WILL? Quick answer: No one.

If you want more from your career, you can’t afford to ignore how to Self-Promote. It makes no difference if you are a corporate dweller or business owner; you put your future at peril.

In this webinar, I will break Self-Promotion down in such a way that Introverts will

be able to do it in an authentic, enthusiastic way. Imagine….. You will learn:

  • What Self-Promotion really is
  • What the difference is between obnoxious Bragging and authentic Self-Promotion
  • The 3 goals you are trying to achieve with self promotion
  • The 6 things in your career that you put at risk if you fail to Self-promote
  • The 5 Self-talk attitude “adjusters” that will help reprogram your brain
  • The 3 top-proven Self-Promotion methods that you can start doing today

If the thought of Self-Promotion makes you want to take a shower you will want to join me, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, Introvert Whisperer & Leadership Champion
on July 18 at 9a, pst/12pm est. Click here to sign up now:


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