Acme Smoked Fish Corporation

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Acme Smoked Fish Corp. of Brooklyn, NY, brings unsurpassed experience and a proud family heritage to all of its superior-quality smoked seafood products. Owned and operated by the Brownstein and Caslow families for four generations, Acme is one of the foremost smoked fish producers in the U.S. The company sells its products under the Acme and Blue Hill Bay brands and also produces private label products for selected customers.

Acme is known for its “New York Style” kosher smoked salmon and lox, as well as for whitefish, chubs, sable, herring and other smoked fish specialties.

Blue Hill Bay Smoked Seafood from Acme combines traditional European curing techniques with the finest quality fresh seafood to create a delectable smoked fish with unmatched flavor. Acme’s Blue Hill Bay products are all-natural and preservative free and range from hot and cold smoked salmon to cold smoked tuna, smoked bluefish, Alaskan black cod and other specialty smoked seafood products.

Acme and Blue Hill Bay products are widely available in supermarkets, delis, gourmet and specialty stores, and warehouse clubs throughout the U.S.

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