Alder Foods, Inc

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Founded in 1963 by Paul M. Keating Sr., Alder Foods, Inc. began as a small, home-based business that functioned primarily as a food brokerage operation. Today, we’re one of the country’s largest suppliers to the military markets, with a presence in all key geographic regions worldwide, including Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, Alaska and the Pacific Rim Nations.

The reason for Alder’s growth and success: an innovative approach to the distribution, sales and marketing of food products to the military markets, the foresight to anticipate new consumer trends (organic and soy milk), and the drive to pioneer these products into category leaders.

The proof of our unique capabilities and success: the numerous national companies who have chosen Alder Foods as their military marketing partner and the well known national brands we represent. We manage brands at the top of their categories: Lactaid, Organic Valley, and Rainbow Seafood, to name a few.

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