American Licorice

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The American Licorice Company, privately held and established in 1914, is one of the original licorice manufacturers in the United States and oldest candy companies in the industry. American Licorice brings happiness to consumers with the best-selling brand of licorice candy in the western United States – Red Vines®. In 1990 American Licorice was one of the first candy companies to expand into the sour candy market with the launch of Sour Punch®. American Licorice also produces Super Ropes®, and Snaps®. American Licorice recently launched two newer brands: Natural Vines® premium all natural licorice and Extinguisher® chewy sour candy. American Licorice Co. is headquartered in Bend, Oregon and has production facilities in Union City, California and La Porte, Indiana.

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