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ARYZTA is one of the largest frozen bakery companies in the world.  The group has a leadership position in the specialty frozen bakery sector and is a global supplier of baked goods to the foodservice, retail and QSR sectors.

ARYZTA’s wide range of products and capabilities includes artisan breads, sweet baked goods & morning goods as well as an array of other savoury items such as pizza, tarts and pies.

ARYZTA operates 53 bakeries & kitchens across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.  The group has strong brands and customer relationships in all of the regions it operates in and is driven globally by its strong customer centric focus.

ARYZTA Food North America is a leading player in the US speciality bakery market. It has a diversified customer base, including multiple retail, restaurants, catering and hotels, leisure, hospitals, military, fundraising and QSRs. ARYZTA is the leader in high value artisan bakery via La Brea Bakery, which focuses on the premium bakery segment.

ARYZTA is committed to building a successful and sustainable business for the long term.  Sustainability requires the marrying of economic, environmental and social factors, i.e. corporate responsibility.  ARYZTA pursues a decentralised approach to corporate responsibility through its various business units and the different markets within which they operate.  The following key pillars of corporate responsibility and sustainability are applied by ARYZTA:


To ensure all our food products are manufactured with the highest level of food safety, all of ARYZTA’s food processing facilities operate under comprehensive HACCP-systems (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) based on Codex Alimentarius Principles, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and in compliance with all related food law in force. To this end, ARYZTA contributes to various voluntary initiatives on food and product safety by industry associations such as the British Retail Consortium, International Featured Standards (IFS-Food and IFS-Logistics), the American Institute of Baking or the US Food and Drug Administration. All food safety and quality systems are certified by independent third-party bodies in accordance with the latest versions of the above-mentioned standards.


ARYZTA is committed to a policy of sustainable economic development.


ARYZTA recognises that its continued success is dependent on the quality, commitment and responsible behaviour of its people.


ARYZTA believes in building long-term relationships with its stakeholders, which include consumers, customers, employees, shareholders and regulatory bodies.



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