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The Bar-S brand was originally a part of the Cudahy Company – a full-line meat packer with a history dating back to 1890.  The Seattle Packing Co., which was acquired by Cudahy in 1957, was the original home of the Bar-S brand.  In 1981, a new company called Bar-S Foods Co. was created after the acquisition of facilities, brand names, and other assets of the Cudahy Company.  One of those brands was Bar-S, and since 1981, the Bar-S brand has been growing into what it is today – the clear Value Leader in the processed meat industry throughout the United States and beyond.

As the only national value brand in the United States, Bar-S is a producer of over 120 processed meat products that are marketed in all 50 states and some foreign countries. Bar-S Jumbo and 12 oz. Classic franks are the number one selling franks in the United States.

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