Cacique, USA

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We are the largest fresh cheese maker in the United States and are proud to provide the best selling chorizos in the marketplace. Our family conscientiously strives every day to make the highest quality cheese, cream, chorizo and yogurt products in the marketplace. We are proud of the fact that we now have several generations of colleagues working at the company and many of our best customers have been with us since the early days. Over the decades, the business grew and we moved from facility to larger facility so that we could continue to serve our new customers.

Now, day-to-day, we, the de Cardenas children, lead a professional management team at Cacique. We were raised here and we watched the plant grow from one tiny cheese-making operation to several facilities and distribution centers located throughout the country. We have all been involved in the business every step of the way, working many summers, vacations and after college.

Today and as long as our doors are open, our parents’ vision is our own and we stay true to it. Their vibrant legacy to us is captured in our pillars logo that is boldly present on every one of our Cacique products, representing family, quality, integrity and authenticity.

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