Chicken of the Sea International

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Chicken of the Sea’s history dates back nearly a century, when fishermen referred to the white albacore tuna as “Chicken of the Sea” because the white color and very mild flavor reminded them of chicken. Since 1952, the Chicken of the Sea brand and iconic Mermaid logo have been known worldwide.

Consumers have come to know Chicken of the Sea as synonymous with health, nutrition and convenience through the variety of seafood products (tuna, salmon, and specialty seafood) the company provides. Providing consumers these three values — health, nutrition and convenience — are the company’s hallmarks and standards by which Chicken of the Sea ensures confidence among consumers.

Ensuring a healthy supply of seafood for future generations and the protection of dolphin are imperative to both Chicken of the Sea and its consumers. To ensure the preservation of the environment, Chicken of the Sea vigorously supports high standards of stewardship and management.

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