Clearwater Paper Corporation

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Clearwater Paper Corporation

We are the country’s largest provider of private label tissue to retail grocery chains and a world-class manufacturer of high-quality bleached paperboard. We help customers strengthen brands and capture market share. We are also an active corporate citizen in the communities where we work and live.


Clearwater Paper creates quality products and innovative solutions, enabling customers to achieve sustainable success.


  • Indispensable to customers
  • Sustainable to the world
  • Responsible to our employees and communities
  • Value creators for our investors
  • Make a difference!


Quality. We believe that quality must be a common thread in everything we do. Our customers expect no less of us, and we cannot expect any less of ourselves. Collectively, we share responsibility for the success of our company. To ensure that success, we need to hold ourselves and others to high standards and deliver quality products and service at all times. Settling for mediocrity will mar our brand promise, destroy our customers’ faith in us, and undermine our mission and vision.

Customer focused. Our goal is to build and sustain strong, meaningful relationships with our customers. That’s why we strive to anticipate and respond to customer needs, deliver on what we promise, and be flexible and adaptable. Building on our deep know-how and expertise, we are able to provide solutions that will enhance customer success and help build their brands.

Integrity. We hold ourselves, each other, suppliers, and vendors to the highest standards of integrity—always choosing to do what is right even when it isn’t easy, popular, or expedient. We conduct our business according to high ethical standards, never putting our personal reputation or the reputation of Clearwater Paper at risk.

Environmental responsibility. We believe that it is our responsibility to be stewards of the environment and conduct our business in a manner with a goal to have the least impact possible. We meet or exceed all environmental requirements and consider environmental compliance an integral component of running our business. We take environmental impact into consideration when making decisions and minimize the effects of our facilities and work to avoid impact altogether.

Openness and candor. We believe that excellence and success are only possible when we are able to have open, candid dialogue with each other regardless of role or level in the organization—to feel safe raising tough issues in a respectful manner, speak up and share your thoughts, seek and listen to ideas and feedback from others, and support and encourage each other. Without an open, inclusive culture, issues may fester, relationships may suffer, and good ideas may be stifled.

At Clearwater Paper, we are dedicated to the success of our customers—and of our employees. If you are looking for teamwork, a sense of purpose, and a leading company that is growing fast, we’re looking for you.

Top 10 reasons to work at Clearwater Paper.

1. We are a leading company.

We have a long, successful history, a portfolio of respected products and presence throughout North America and beyond.

2. We are growing.

Across our company, you can feel a sense of excitement as we grow our business and expand.

3. We do the right thing.

From safety to the environment to ethical business conduct, we value integrity above all.

4. We believe in community.

We have local roots that run deep. That sense of community extends to our workplace.

5. We are customer-centric.

If you find satisfaction in helping customers, you will be in good company. Our success depends on the success of the companies we do business with. We never stop looking for solutions that help our customers shine.

6. We employ smart, experienced people.

Work here, and you will work among some of the industry’s best. Our employees have an average of 15 years of experience. There is a lot to learn here, even if you’ve been around awhile.

7. We think collaboration is crucial.

We’re team-oriented. That means we listen to each other and encourage everyone to speak up and pitch in. Have ideas? We want to hear them. We all work better when we all work together.

8. You can build a career here.

Develop new skills, take on new roles, find new challenges. We are committed to employees’ professional development.

9. We do work that matters.

As a leading company, we make a difference in the marketplace and in the success of our customers. Your work will have an impact.

10. Your pay and benefits will be competitive.

We reward excellence. And we offer pay and benefits that are competitive compared to our industry and others.

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