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At Cobram Estate, we only make great olive oil. Our Tree to Table approach ensures every drizzle unlocks a flavor unlike any other. A flavor that’s rich, robust and complex all at once. A flavor drawn from New World soil that our founding farmers, Rob and Paul, have dedicated years to perfect. They’ve found that the healthiest, best tasting olive oil comes from fantastic olives. And keeping those olives fantastic right up until they’re bottled is serious business. That’s why we harvest our olives at the peak of freshness and press them within hours of being picked from the branch, before any inkling of flavor has a chance to escape. And with groves in both California and Australia, we get two perfect harvest seasons a year, meaning every bottle on the shelf contains the freshest oil naturally possible. The fresher the oil, the tastier and healthier it is. As the world’s most awarded olive oil company, we won’t stand for anything less.

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