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Duraflame® is America’s fire log brand leader, offering a wide variety of fire-related products, including fire logs, fire starters and barbecue products. For over 40 years, Duraflame has proven its leadership in the fireplace fuel category and its commitment to millions of loyal customers. We consistently deliver products that meet the highest standards in quality, convenience, reliability and environmental sustainability.

  • Corporate headquarters are located on the historic Klamath Ferry in Stockton, California
  • 2 manufacturing facilities in California and Kentucky
  • 250 employees in North America
  • Independently owned and operated
  • In business for over 50 years

The duraflame® firelog was created after a multi-year R&D project by California Cedar Products Company (CCPC) in Stockton, California. At the time, California Cedar Products was the largest manufacturer in the western world of wood slats for pencils, with daily production of enough wood to make 4 million pencils per day. The company was looking for ways to recycle the sawdust from its wood manufacturing operations, and found it could be blended with petroleum wax to create a mixture that could be extruded to make a new type of fireplace log.

The duraflame firelog quickly revolutionized what people burned in their fireplaces. The firewood alternative struck a chord with consumers with its convenience and cleaner burning benefits compared to firewood.

Rising firelog sales sparked the inception of the firelog industry and the formation of Duraflame, Inc. as an independent corporation. Today the firelog industry generates $250 million in retail sales annually.

Duraflame initiates communications and government relations program to promote low emissions benefits of firelogs.

Duraflame’s® mission to create an even more environmentally responsible firelog results in the first all natural manufactured firelog made from renewable resources. The new product improved the carbon footprint of firelogs, minimized air quality impacts and provided consumers peace of mind that duraflame® brand firelogs reduce the environmental impact of a cozy fire in the hearth.

Duraflame® continues to lead the industry in product innovation with a new patented natural formula, made from 100% renewable resources. The formula has been incorporated into a variety of duraflame® firelog and firestarter products, further minimizing consumers’ environmental impact by using 100% renewable resources.


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