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Our success in business between North America and Asia has developed over the last 20 years in business. East West Bridge facilitates a solid sales and marketing strategy at affordable entry prices. From our professional office facilities in China, we also offer the management and consulting roles that can be used to oversee a sales team you select working under your direct control. Our transparent accounting and logistics ensure bookkeeping and documentation are always at Western business standards. This professional support and back-office organization guarantees our clients mature teams to work with and eliminates local learning curves or the high costs associated with hiring high-cost consulting agencies.

The value of our service allows clients to reduce costs and risks of doing business in China while improving bottom-line results by utilizing our world class professionals and their first-hand China experience. EWB has extensive back-office capability and infrastructure in place to support China sales efforts. This eliminates unnecessary staffing, facilities build out, and start-up expenses while providing access to world-class professionals otherwise not available to foreign firms.

Our business model is to help you create sales in Asia based on utilizing our established operation and seasoned executives at a fraction of the cost due to our economy of scale. One central office and management can provide the professional support and resources to a variety of sales efforts. By fractioning the costs of rent, management, IT, and travel, you can access the markets and expand sales for much less than a solo investment. Adding the experience of our executive team to guide strategy and open doors only furthers the value of our relationship and helps fast track your results.

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