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Federated Group is a leader in helping food businesses grow and prosper.

We are a brand owner, broker and buying group aligned with quality suppliers and service providers to support the grocery and foodservice industry.

Our deep experience and proven sensible solutions allow us to affordably improve performance and results across a broad spectrum of food business activities—sales, private brands, sourcing, QA, supply chain, branding and marketing.

If you are actively building an established food business or launching a new one we can help you grow faster, better and stronger.

In the early 1900s, a grocer in Buffalo, New York named S. M. Flickinger realized that the small, independent grocers could work together to compete more effectively with the giant grocery chain of the time: A&P. Flickinger saw that part of A&P’s advantage was their private brand, so the innovative Flickinger created the Red & White brand, formed a buying co-op and attracted quality vendors to offer customers high quality products at competitive prices. This became the foundation of Federated’s Grocery business.

Throughout the years, Federated has added more FedBrands and expanded to manage grocery private brand programs, increased its scope to include a Foodservice Buying Group, Consolidation Management, a design group, as well as a full complement of services to support the growth of the food industry. Federated has helped retailers, wholesalers and distributors throughout the country gain scale and increase profitability.

These are the kinds of solutions that Federated Group has embraced for over 85 years, and the kinds of innovations that would make Flickinger proud today.

Who We Are

We will help you grow your food business. We provide sensible solutions that are easy to execute and designed to grow your revenues and profits – no matter what channel of the food business you’re in. We have deep expertise in grocery and foodservice sales, private brands, sourcing, QA, supply chain, branding and marketing.  Over the course of our 86 year journey, we have evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, members and suppliers. As a result, Federated now has a rich portfolio of solutions to help foster growth in your food business.

Food is a business – but when it is your business it’s personal. We understand that!

Federated associates are devoted to service, inside and outside the company. Their pride and passion is evident in the services we provide to customers, suppliers, and members.

We go beyond simply closing a deal. We are committed to work with customers, suppliers, and members to deliver products and programs that meet consumer expectations. Helping you achieve successful results with sensible solutions is Federated’s number one goal.

Your relationship with Federated doesn’t end with a sale. Our Account Development team provides responsive, personalized service. Our customers, suppliers and members expect total satisfaction and value, and we deliver it.

Federated Group is changing how thousands of grocery stores, foodservice distributors and food industry suppliers do business with each other. Your work will help people around the country get quality products at the best price possible.


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