Fiskars Brands, Inc

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Fiskars is a leading brand that provides functional, user-friendly and lasting design solutions for hand tools and beyond. Fiskars products respond to genuine inspiration and drive to get the job done well in the most effortless and intuitive way.

Established in 1649, Fiskars is the oldest company in Finland. We have worked with tools, cutting and steel forging ever since we first started operating 360 years ago. Our roots are in the Fiskars village, an idyllic center of art & design, where modern aesthetics meet old crafting traditions. Fiskars launched the world’s first plastic-handled scissors in 1967. Since then, these orange scissors have sold more than 1 billion pieces worldwide and their iconic status has resulted in the Fiskars orange being synonymous with scissors across the world. Fiskars is the world’s number one scissor brand.

Fiskars Orange® is an important part of our identity. Orange handled scissors are a registered trademark of Fiskars Corporation. The orange color came about partly by chance when our iconic scissors were designed in 1967. The prototype handle was created using orange resin left over in a molding machine used to produce an orange juicer. The final decision on color was decided by a vote. Orange defeated black by nine votes to seven. As of now, we have sold over 1 billion!

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