Foster Poultry Farm

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Foster Farms has been a family–owned and operated company for four generations. Since our founding days back in 1939, we have always been committed to providing consumers with the highest–quality, best–tasting poultry products available. What started as a small farm back in Modesto, California, grew into the West’s most trusted poultry company.

In October 2001, Foster Farms acquired the chicken operations of Southern California-based Zacky Farms, the second largest poultry business in the West. This acquisition included Zacky Farms Fresno-area plant, hatchery, feed mill, and live production ranches, as well as its Los Angeles distribution center. With the resulting addition of 1,500 employees to its workforce, Foster Farms substantially increased its production capacity. The Foster Farms quality and production guidelines were adopted throughout the new operations, ensuring that consumers would continue to enjoy only our freshest, natural chicken.

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