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Harvest Food & Outreach Center was founded in 2003 by Austin and Ginny Hunt. Ginny and Austin grew up on the Treasure Coast and both experienced the realities of growing up in homes that struggled financially. It was this journey of faith through life’s challenges that gave them the passion to help those in need with basic necessities by lending an outstretched hand during times of crisis, as well as compassionate navigation towards a bright future of hope and stability. Austin, Ginny and the Harvest Food & Outreach team implemented an innovative food assistance program to financially assist the working poor on the Treasure Coast.

Since 2003, thousands of families have received help at the campus located in South Vero Beach. Each family has gotten emergency food in times of crisis or has taken part in our long term food subsidy program which gives them access to high quality foods available on a regular basis at a fraction of the regular price. The benefactors of this program invest their ‘sweat equity’ into reducing the burden of their monthly budget. The contribution our members make towards their groceries affords them their dignity at the same time maintaining the integrity of the program.
In May of 2011, Harvest Food and Outreach Center partnered with Workforce Solutions, Inc. to offer the “Passport to Prosperity” Program, which combines Life Skills Education with On-the-Job Training for families receiving Public Assistance Benefits.

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