J.R. Simplot Company

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The J. R. Simplot Company was started by an energetic entrepreneur in 1923, and grew from a one-man farming operation into a food and agribusiness empire.  The Company’s vertical integration seed production, farming, fertilizer manufacturing, frozen-food processing, and food brands and distribution has nurtured a diverse array of internal talents and resources, creating a symbiosis that few other organizations achieve. Our phosphate reserves and large land holdings are a storehouse of valuable physical resources that embody the company’s solid financial base.  The pillars of our organization? Passion for People, Spirit of Innovation, and Respect for Resources are as relevant now as they were when young Jack Simplot began his long journey toward remarkable success.  The company has invested significant resources to ensure that our operations are sustainable and environmentally friendly. J.R. always understood that most resources are finite. Our goal as a company has been to be the finest stewards possible of the air, water, land, and other resources on which we all rely.  Through good times and difficult times, the family has remained true to Jack’s original vision. It has enabled the J. R. Simplot Company to operate under a sound long-term strategy stretching over decades, a rare situation in today’s world of market volatility.

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