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Juanita’s brand products are made by Juanita’s Foods, a third generation family-owned and operated business based in Wilmington, California. Founded in 1946 by George De La Torre Sr. and his nephew, Albert Guerrero, it was originally called Harbor Canning Company and specialized in canning the catches of local sportsfishermen. One day, at the suggestion of Albert’s wife, Ruth, they tried canning menudo, a popular Mexican stew. This innovative side venture, started in 1950, grew to become a huge success, eventually leading Juanita’s to be the world’s largest manufacturer of canned menudo.

Shortly after son George Jr. took the helm of the family business in 1968, he decided to completely eliminate the fish canning, focusing on the true heart of the company: authentic, ready-to-serve home cooked Mexican food. The company’s product line expanded in 1977 when they acquired the Pico Pica Sauce brand. By 1986, the company’s path was clear, and was officially renamed Juanita’s Foods, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining their well-earned title of leader in the Mexican food category.

Today, Juanita’s continues their passion for innovation while maintaining their dedication to authentic, high-quality Mexican food. Their product line continues to grow with a wide variety of flavorful soups, sauces and stews under the direction of George Jr.’s sons Mark and Aaron as co-CEO’s. Juanita’s is proud to carry on the solid family traditions and strong business legacy begun so many years ago, and plan to continue pleasing their loyal customers for many more years to come.

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