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Marketing Resources Solutions Inc. is a marketing firm providing expertise for varying tasks from strategic development to tactical execution. Leverage our team to enhance your ability to compete in this fast paced and ever-changing environment.


To provide flexible and cost effective solutions that help corporate marketing departments achieve all of their marketing goals and initiatives.

Company Overview

Marketing Resources Solutions Inc. is a professional service agency specializing in marketing staffing and solutions, including interim staffing, special projects and consulting on an individual or departmental basis. With four regional offices, the company supplies world-class organizations with experienced, high-caliber professionals specializing in market research, marketing communications, brand or product management, channel strategies, merchandising and event planning. Marketing Resources services Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Columbus, Detroit, New York, and New Jersey.

Marketing Resources is critical extension of many Fortune 500 marketing departments who have been hit hard with massive layoffs and hiring freezes. It provides corporate marketing departments with the ability to focus on their core business while helping to enhance productivity and accountability through a flexible solution for expanding onsite manpower without increasing headcount.

Marketing Resources is one of the few professional service agencies to offer a full suite of benefits (medical, dental, etc.) to its talent. Additionally, because Marketing Resources works with a large number of Fortune 500 companies, Marketing Resources’ talent also benefit from being able to work with high end brands while enjoying a flexible and well rounded work/life balance.


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