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MARS is a haven for the brave. We have the drive and the daring of entrepreneurs and the expertise and swagger of industry veterans who have done this—and done this well—for almost 40 years.

As Martians, we are a collection of strategic explorers, creative alchemists and tenacious leaders. And though we sport diverse personalities and talents, we all share a commitment to noble ideas that help people lead better, fuller lives. And we are committed to conquering new frontiers to extend the reach of our clients.

This dynamic mix gives us a unique opportunity to create pure shopper delight, an invitation for customers to do more than just buy brands. It’s getting them to actually share their lives with those brands. That moment when a shopper physically touches a brand is the culmination of everything we do. And that brand needs to touch her back—her heart, her mind and her sense of what’s possible.

When the science of delight and the romance of strategy rub together, a spark is made, and a shopper’s senses come to life. As Martians, we are fanatical about that moment. We worship that sliver in time when a shopper becomes utterly immersed in the experiences that we create every day.

Forget taking it to the next level. Martians take it all the way to the stars.

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