Popchips, Inc

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popchips is a delicious line of popped potato chips that are never fried, but always made with real ingredients. how do we do it? well, first, let’s talk about how we don’t do it. we never fry our chips. that just puts a lot of stuff in there that we could all do without. thanks to the magic of popping, we found a way to pop all the flavor in, while keeping all the fried oil out. we take potatoes, add heat and pressure, then pop! you get chips that are deeply satisfying, but not deep fried. plus no grease, and no guilty conscience. all that’s added is a flavorful blend of seasonings to create taste-bud popping flavors that appeal to the whole family. pop open a bag of popchips and try for yourself. And be sure to look for our veggie and corn varieties too!

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